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Meet our 'Parivartan Ambassadors'

It was only two months ago that we took upon a herculean task of transforming a village. We knew it wouldn't be easy but our grit and passion to make a profound impact on the lives of the residents of Arakadu keeps us going.

Behavioral change has to come from within, it cannot be imposed. To drive grassroots change, we picked enthusiastic residents from the village as ambassadors of 'Parivartan' who constitute the 'Village Development Committee'. The seven member committee consists of four women & three men who have pledged to work with us and help us transform Arakadu into a model village in the next two years !

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We’re the Random Acts of Kindness Group, though we also go by ‘#RAOK’. We’re a small, but mighty team making huge strides towards building a kinder world. We are here to help make kindness effortless and to promote selfless acts to be the norm.

But we’re only a few kind-hearted people and there are millions of us (you) out there.

This platform has been created to make it fun and easy to spread kindness while creating a ginormous impact. Please do go ahead and share #RAOK of  yours and others you know.  

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