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Vaccination & Anti Rabies Drive

We want to make the make the village a animal friendly – rabies free village. There are about 11 dogs in the village – only 3 of which have care takers. We tied up with a UK based NGO to conduct a neutering and vaccination drive. We are identifying caretakers for each of the dogs for long term care

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We’re the Random Acts of Kindness Group, though we also go by ‘#RAOK’. We’re a small, but mighty team making huge strides towards building a kinder world. We are here to help make kindness effortless and to promote selfless acts to be the norm.

But we’re only a few kind-hearted people and there are millions of us (you) out there.

This platform has been created to make it fun and easy to spread kindness while creating a ginormous impact. Please do go ahead and share #RAOK of  yours and others you know.  

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By sharing your #RAOK, you make the world a kinder place

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